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Because the lighthouse keeper's wife could not nurse her newborn baby, a dairy cow was kept on the lower deck of the lighthouse.

Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services team is comprised of diverse technical expertise in engineering and science—a combination that enables an integrated approach in addressing increased challenges of technology changing at a rapid pace and systems needed to fulfill client missions becoming increasingly complex. The acceleration of technology, coupled with evolution of the acquisition system to address organizational conflict of interest (OCI) concerns, is creating a growing need for independent engineering services. These market dynamics represent the opportunity for Middle Bay Solutions to help our clients achieve success by applying our engineering and science expertise. We are poised to meet the growing demand for this critical market need. Our capability offerings include:

  • Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering: Middle Bay Solutions offers an array of contract engineering services including design and analysis, circuit card design/layout, analysis and modeling, 3-D modeling, visualization based design, test and documentation, and obsolescence mitigation 

  • Fabrication: Conduct the process of cutting, burning, shaping, machining and welding to form the final product (e.g., Advanced Composites, Machining and Sheet Metal,  Cable/Wiring Harness Assembly, Circuit Assembly and test, Circuit Board Fabrication and Plating, Electrical and Mechanical Assembly) 

  • Requirements Analysis: Determine user expectations for a new or modified product through identifying and understanding the problem, modeling, analyzing, and attaining agreement on the problem, and communicating the problem to manage the change

  • System Design and/or Integration: Middle Bay Solutions enables clients to deliver complex systems that strengthen mission capabilities within cost and schedule constraints. Our engineering processes, tools, and experience establish, integrate, and manage a system’s technical, cost, risk, and schedule information in a single integrated baseline that evolves throughout the system’s lifecycle 

  • Testing and Modification: Provide testing and modification of new and existing systems to clients. A successful modification requires a thorough and accurate planning including necessary manning with competent personnel, planning and preparations, checking of equipment and installations against relevant existing documentation, modification or replacement of equipment, along with necessary registrations and inspection and testing, and preparation of the complete documentation reflecting the change/ modification 

  • Energy Management: Provide strategy and technology services to clients with a wide range of energy support needs including building energy management, and energy sourcing 

  • Aircraft Systems/Aerospace: Leverage a Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) to bring rapid execution of aircraft modification requirements – from engineering analysis to design and integration to testing and qualification. We understand the demand to quickly commit resources to deliver engineering and manufacturing solutions that keep aircraft current and operationally ready. We help the US military solve challenges by providing innovative products and engineering expertise to deliver unique, cost-effective solutions to immediate and future problems

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