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The original fuel for the light was whale oil, then kerosene and finally electricity.

Acquisition and Logistics Support

Middle Bay Solutions II initiates, plans, manages, monitors, controls and/or transitions the acquisition of large, complex programs and initiatives to meet stakeholder costs, schedule, performance, and sustainment expectations. Acquisition and logistics support plays a critical role in delivering capabilities and services that help our clients plan for the life cycle of a program or initiative. We support the procurement of a solution set, monitor subsequent contract delivery, and ensure that the solution set is sustained efficiently and effectively throughout its life cycle. Therefore, we offer trained and certified staff that follow proven organizational standard processes, use professional tools and infrastructure, and perform in accordance with disciplined governance. Our capability offerings include:

  • Integrated Logistics Solutions: Provide clients the ability to view system-wide management of their entire logistics chain as a single entity, instead of separate management of individual logistical functions. This is completed through a well-defined and standardized approach to Portfolio Management, Content Management, Meeting Management, and Metrics Development. Such a view can maximize responsiveness and minimize duplication and inefficiencies that may result in loss of time and/or waste of resources

  • Parts and Support Equipment Tracking: Provide headquarters and field personnel with the locations of assets, including insight into which assets are broken and predictability of when they will be fixed. Middle Bay Solutions ensures that assets are available where and when they are needed

We have established relationships with supplier organizations to facilitate timely responses to Request for Quotes (RFQ) and best value pricing. This activity brings additional value to the acquisition process of our clients by capturing historical vendor/product data that can quickly assist in identifying erroneous or non-manufacturer’s part numbers/descriptions and end-of-life products, resulting in less after-award contract modifications and shorter acquisition schedules.

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